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Day Two of 2011 IEEE EMC Symposium 
Glen Watkins joins Steve Koster and Coco Bean at the Second Day of the exhibits.  

Welcome to the 2011 IEEE EMC Symposium! 
Our very own Ms. Coco Bean invites you to join us in Long Beach!  

Coco Interviews Dr. Robert Johnk at the 2010 ...
Dr. Johnk is an Electronics Engineer with the Institute for Telecommunications Sciences with the US Department of Commerce. He shares his views of the technical program with o... 

Coco and Brenna chat it up 
Little Miss Brenna gives a big smile and some comments on the IEEE EMC Symposium. She has a new toy, and has found a new friend in Coco Bean.  

Day 1: 2010 IEEE EMC Symposium Intro 
Coco Bean and Mike Violette of EE give a wrap of Monday's technical sessions and a look at the second day of the Symposium. The exhibit hall, with over 120 exhibitors, is a bu... 

Miss Coco Bean reports from the 2010 IEEE EMC...
Miss Coco Bean reports from Ft Lauderdale in preparation for the 2010 IEEE EMC Symposium.  

2009 IEEE Symposium - EMC Austin Style 
Miss Coco Bean reports from Austin in preparation for the 2009 IEEE EMC Symposium  

I don't know beans about Performance Criteria 
Steve Koster of Washington Labs explains immunity performance criteria, which is mandated by the immunity requirements in the EMC and related directives. Immunity performance ... 

I don't know beans about Resonance 
John Repella of Washington Labs tackles the phenomena of resonance. Resonance is all around us, from simple tuning forks and vibrating strings to the gravitational harmony in ... 

I don't know beans about Women 
A time-honored question gets asked and answered